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Cableless Control can now be applied to new and existing equipment.  This technology offers many advantages for automation that aren’t possible with a “Hard Wired” design.  (“cableless” is the term used in the ANSI, NFPA and RIA Standards for wireless reliable control.)

The Return on Investment, for a wireless control system, is often 6 months or less.  Payback potential will fuel rapid development of this technology.  With reliability as a focus, customers have voiced a high degree of satisfaction with their cableless systems.  This has a lot to do with up-front work in understanding the project and applying the technology where success is assured.  Not every application will make sense.

Many forms of cableless control will be showing up as we incorporate the technology into new device, instrument and networking products.  Our goal is to aid in the application of this technology and these products through this site and the LinkedIn Group “Cableless Control”.

“Is Cableless/wireless Control reliable?”   The question has been asked by many large customers across North America at every level of operation and the answer is emphatically “YES!”.  The biggest problem now is attaining the expertise to address the upcoming demand.  This site will help with that effort.

Industries presently using Cableless Control include Logistics, Mobile Equipment, ASRS, AGVs, Conveyors, Machine and Process Cells, Robotics, Stamping, Cranes, Mining, Oil & Gas Platforms and many more.

Cableless Control is applied in assembly, start-up, commissioning, operation, maintenance and testing.

Properly applied this technology is similar in effort to what it replaces, but with benefits in mobility, flexibility, speed, visibility and overall convenience.

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